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Dad of National Guardsman Who Prevented Terrorist Attack Speaks out Against Political Correctness


Emanuel Skarlatos is very proud of his son Alek. The 22 year old National Guardsman made headlines across the world when he and friends tackled, subdued and tied up Ayoub El-Khazzani who was attempting to shoot up the train they were riding from Paris to Amsterdam. Alek is being praised for helping prevent a massacre.

The proud father went on MSNBC to discuss his son’s heroics. And he also had some choice words for those who use political correctness to deny the existence of radical terrorism.

“It’s better to die like a lion than be slaughtered like sheep. And this terrorist coward deserved what he got, and the PC crowd needs to recognize terrorism for what it is.”

What would you say to these Americans who helped stop this terrorist attack? Please comment below.

H/T: Washington Free Beacon