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Daily Caller Reporter to GOP Aide Forced to Resign: “S*** Gets Better”

If you’ve been residing under a rock lately, you might not know about the story of GOP aide Elizabeth Lauten. Lauten resigned her position with Republican Rep. Stephen Lee Fincher of Tennessee, after having the audacity to post comments about Sasha and Malia Obama on Facebook. She urged the girls, who had attended the White House turkey pardon looking bored to the hilt, to “try showing a little class” and “dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar.”

The comments for some reason created a media firestorm, and Lauten was forced to resign her position. Headline Politics Bethany Mandel referred to the controversy as “one of the most pointless Twitter mobs in the history of politics.”

With that, Patrick Howley of the Daily Caller, a reporter who had his own controversy on social media, issued a video message to Lauten.

“S*** gets better,” he tells Lauten.

Howley, tongue firmly planted in cheek, tells her he understands that when you’ve got funny material “it just has to come out” whether it’s “an ethnic joke” or a “joke about handicapped people” or a joke about “ethnic handicapped people.”

He then delivers a one-liner about Stevie Wonder.

He goes on to explain to Lauten that those pretending to get mad at her for her comments are “losers, they suck, they count for nothing.”

Watch …



Howley himself ran into trouble earlier this year when he joked about Buzzfeed reporter Rosie Gray. Howley made back-to-back jokes on Twitter which led to him deleting his account, while he and Daily Caller editor Tucker Carlson had to issue apologies.

The controversy surrounding Lauten’s comments are less understandable. Sometimes you have to laugh at the stupidity of the liberal media. In a week where Ferguson is burning and the IRS has found itself in yet another scandal, they have chosen to cover an aide to a GOP senator that nobody outside of Tennessee knew existed.

What did you think of the Daily Caller video message? Was it funny, or is this not a laughing matter?