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baton rouge shooting

Three young black men were apprehended as it was alleged they were planning to enact the same carnage if not more on the Baton Rouge Police Department that many witnessed in Dallas. I am glad the Feds stepped in and took care of the this, but as many will agree with me, there will be many more of these actions sooner rather than later.

But let’s think about that with common sense please, that’s no way to get justice for anything. Parents, please educate the young before they throw their lives away and kill innocent people. You heard the Dallas sheriff; they are hiring. Put in an application and make a positive change in your community.

It seems as if these kids feel as if they have nothing to live for nowadays except anarchy. If they don’t value their lives, they won’t value anyone else’s. At their age I was reading comic books, thinking about my education, and trying to impress girls. Revenge and killing someone was never even a thought.

From NY Mag:

Baton Rouge police reportedly just foiled a Dallas-style plot to kill police officers in Baton Rouge, the Louisiana city where Alton Sterling was shot by police last week.

According to CBS News, three people, including one juvenile, were arrested in a plan to use stolen firearms from a Baton Rouge–area pawn shop to kill officers during protests — which have been sweeping the city — in response to the Sterling shooting. At least eight guns were stolen from Cash America pawn shop over the weekend. Federal agents raided a Baton Rouge home late Monday and recovered six of the stolen weapons. Two are reportedly still missing.

During a press conference Tuesday, officials said they were aware of a “credible” threat to officers, and it’s one of the reasons police wore riot and protective gear during protests over the past few nights. State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson told the Advocate: “We do believe there’s enough of a credible threat based on what we saw in Dallas and what we hear around the country and in Baton Rouge, that there are individuals that would like to see harm to a police officer.”

Black leadership is failing – instead of pleading with their communities to think logically and elevate facts over emotion, they’re busy getting black Americans whipped up into a frenzy of racial paranoia and hatred based on lies, myths, and fist-pumping anecdotes. You have to love just how the “progressive” left is so effective at regressing people.

How do you feel about this incident? Do you think many are planning to hit police like this over the nation? Share your thoughts and opinions below in the comment section. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.