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THIS Group Claims Responsibility For Dallas – More Attacks Threatened – BREAKING

dallas shooting

A group just claimed responsibility for last night’s massacre of police in Dallas, and they had been threatening violence for quite some time now.

This group is known as the “Black Power Political Organization,” and for months had been spreading the narrative of a war on blacks being carried out by police. When such a narrative is being pushed, is it really surprising that some would fight back (even if the “enemy” isn’t really fighting them)?

Via RT:

The group’s page on Facebook appears to have been deleted or blocked, but its content is still available on Google cache.

On Friday, the group claimed their “sniper assassins” took down “five police officers,” according to the screen grabs.

In the same post, the group also promised to “assassinate” more police officers “in the coming days.” It called to “get your own sniper rifle” and join their thousands of “sniper assassins” across the world.

There hasn’t been any official comment on these statements, however, Dallas police said the suspect who was killed told negotiators he was not affiliated with any group and acted alone.

In earlier publications, the group called “to end the oppression” of black people using the hashtags #BlackPower and #Blackknights, the cache shows.

The BPPO’s aim is to create the “United States of Africa.” Its rallying cries are: “Free yourself from the white men” and help “Free Africa from western and non-black people control.”

Just one day before the attacks, one user commented on their Facebook wall notifying them that they had been reported to the police for the threats they were making.


If only authorities had been warned further in advance.

The “Black Power” group also compares themselves to Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King Jr. on their page.

This is an outrage. Share this post on Facebook/Twitter to get the word out about the war on police!


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