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Daughter of 2 Deployed Parents Thinks This Is a Regular Magic Show… Then He Does His Final Trick!


It’s been a little while since we shared one of these heartwarming videos of a soldier surprising their family member by returning from deployment early or in a place they’d never expect.

So to make up for that, we’ve got a special one for you today that is sure to provide twice the emotion.

A husband and wife – active military members – surprising their daughter at a school magic show.

Via Christian Post:

This video is about Julia and Brian Woodburn, who are a married couple who are both actively serving in the U.S. Army. For them, deployment means being away from each other as well as their adorable young daughter, Addison. In this heartwarming video we see them arrange a surprise homecoming at her school during a magic show. The magician magically “appears” while Brian hides in the mascot suit. Although having both her parents gone at a very young age is hard, it’s clear she gets more than enough love and strength from her parents to make up for it.

Check out the incredible video below…

The YouTube description reads:

Julia and Brian Woodburn (US Army) have been deployed for a while, separating them not only from each other, but their daughter, Addison. They decided to show up through a magic show at Gilbert Jr. High in Louisiana to surprise their baby girl with their return. These are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and it was an amazing experience to film this. Truly emotional. Thank you, Brian and Julia, for your service, and welcome home!

We think the real magic trick is that the couple easily made tears appear on the cheeks of everybody in attendance.

If you’re not cryin’ you’re not alive.

Comment: What’s your favorite video of our military men and women returning home from action?