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DC Mayor Says She Doesn’t Say ‘Redskins’ Because It’s Offensive… Then Says This…


This bit here is just too funny. You can almost hear the sound of Yakety Sax playing in the background during this exchange between a reporter and Washington mayor, Muriel Bowser.

After declaring the hometown’s NFL team name of ‘Redskins’ to be “offensive to many people,” Bowser was called out by a reporter for just saying the name seconds prior to that.

The relevant portion can be seen below beginning at the 16:40 mark…

After referring to the Washington Redskins in an answer to a previous reporter’s question, another reporter challenged her in a follow-up exchange.

Via the Washington Post:

During yet another discussion about a potential stadium during a press conference last week — the topic was raised by reporters, not by the mayor — Bowser was asked about this issue. The dialogue:

Reporter: Why do you think the name should be changed?

Bowser: It’s offensive to many people.

Reporter: Then why do you continue to use it?

Bowser: I don’t.

Reporter: You just did.

Bowser: I may have slipped and used it.

Bowser had previously been asked if changing the team’s name would be a condition for the team potentially returning to the District. Her response included the name of the team.

Her original answer to a question about a name change being contingent upon a new stadium included the phrase “I did say that I thought that RFK was the best place for the Washington Redskins to locate.”

Just last week, Bowser told WMAL that “there’s only one place for the Washington Redskins, and that’s at RFK.”

What do you think of the name? Offensive, or politically correct nonsense?


Comments on “DC Mayor Says She Doesn’t Say ‘Redskins’ Because It’s Offensive… Then Says This…”

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