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Shocking Report: National Monuments are Being Destroyed By THIS!

Something gross and disturbing is happening in DC. No, not in the White House, not in the Capitol. But it is happening ON the White House, Capitol, and the Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson Monuments.

Via The Daily Mail:

A mysterious black slime has been steadily oozing over Washington DC’s most famous monuments, including the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials.
The Jefferson Memorial’s white marble dome is slowly turning gray from the icky substance, which is called biofilm, and not actually a slime, but more of a powder, reports CBS News.
The black stuff has also creeped over the Arlington National Cemetery and on the Washington Monument and the tombstones at Congressional Cemetery, according to NPS.gov.

Unfortunately, clean-up is difficult.

But getting rid of it isn’t as easy as soap and water.
‘Treatment of biofilm is difficult, as there is no known permanent method for removing it, and we have to ensure that any treatment must not do further damage to the soft marble of the memorial nor encourage further growth,’ Catherine Dewey, chief of resource management for National Mall and Memorial Parks, told NPS.

I’ve noticed this for a while, and I hope there is a concerted effort to do something about it!

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