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‘Dead’ Baby Woke Up Crying … Moments Before THIS Happened!

cute sleeping baby

There’s only one thing worse than the pain of childbirth, and that’s the pain of losing a child.

But for one Chinese father, coming to terms with the death of his baby boy, there might be a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark time.

His child, named in local news media as An An, was declared dead by doctors at Pan’an People’s Hospital in Zhejiang. An An was born prematurely after a seven-month pregnancy.

The father took his son to the local funeral home, who placed the corpse in a freezer OVERNIGHT.

But in the morning, staff discovered the dead baby was wailing … proof that An An is very much alive.  They were preparing for his cremation when they discovered the living baby in their freezer.

Now doctors are claiming it is a medical miracle, though they caution that An An is still at risk of death.

H/T: London Telegraph

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