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No Parent Should Ever Have To Receive This News About Their Promising Child!

Delaware drinking

When I saw this story where 180 kids near the University of Delaware were charged with underage drinking my heart sank. There had to be someone of age who provided them the opportunity to do this. That person should be charged and jailed in my opinion.

After this crime occurred, many adults  came forward and argued that the kids should be let it go. They didn’t grow up in my household.

I never went to college nor did I engage in underage drinking with my friends, so excuse me if I do not understand underage kids deciding to purposely disregard the law to possibly hurt their futures.

We live in an environment where it is harder to get things done these days than in the past for school kids. Your reputation and your public record is all you have. It just seems like these kids do not have a clue about being responsible for their own actions.

Delaware drinking

From Delaware Online:

One hundred eighty people were charged with underage drinking at an unofficial fraternity party near the University of Delaware on Saturday.

Newark officers swarmed the small brick house at East Park Place and Haines Street, which had about 200 people milling around the yard, and set up two portable toilets and several folding tables to deal with the paperwork that comes with ticketing that many people.

A party of that size isn’t unusual, according to neighbors who live on the block, some of whom are students.

“It was just a normal day-drink,” said Tommy Flynn, 21, a student who lives next door to the house that had the party. Police broke it up at about 4 p.m.

The hosts of the party haven’t been named by police, but they are likely to face additional charges, according to a statement from Lt. Bill Hargrove.

They are members of an unsanctioned fraternity called APES, according to police.

APES was started by members of the former Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, according to Andrea Boyle Tippett, spokeswoman for UD. The school’s chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi was suspended for hazing violations in April.

Last spring, Willem Golden, a student from Skidmore College was staying at another unofficial fraternity house near campus when he fell from the roof to his death.

One person was found unresponsive inside the house on Saturday and was taken to Christiana Hospital via ambulance for an alcohol overdose. The person was treated and released, according to police.

Hopefully, these kids get some type of community service and have to attend some classes on drinking. I guess one of the reasons why I am a little discipline heavy is because I saw a young female passed out and unresponsive once in the military dorm. Many thought she was dead but it turned out she was passed out due to intoxication but she did recover.

What would you do in a situation like this if you were a parent of one of these kids? How would you react? Punish them or wipe away this transgression? Share your discipline below in the comments section. Let me know what your decision would be.