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Dem Oregon Gov “Behaving Strangely” Amid Calls to Resign


In one of the most bizarre stories this year, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is resisting calls to resign from fellow Democrats, including the next in line for the office, Secretary of State Kate Brown. Kitzhaber has been embroiled in ethics controversies involving his fiancée Cylvia Hayes, a green-energy consultant. It appeared likely that Kitzhaber would resign when the Governor asked Brown to return to Oregon immediately from Washington to discuss an urgent matter in person, but when she arrived, she claims Kitzhaber was confused about why she returned.

Ethical lapses of significant others are not normally cause for the end of a sitting Governor’s career, but these aren’t just any ethical complaints. Fox News reports on the lapses which directly affect the state and the Governor’s questionable involvement with Hayes:

Newspaper editorial boards and Republicans have called on him to leave office over allegations involving his fiancée, who has been under increasing scrutiny since October, when a series of reports chronicled her work for organizations with an interest in Oregon public policy. That work came about when she was serving as an unpaid adviser in the governor’s office.

The craziest part of the story, however, involves past behavior of Hayes’ that occurred before the Governor ever came into the picture. Fox elaborated on other bombshells Hayes decided to drop,

Hayes revealed that she accepted about $5,000 to illegally marry an immigrant seeking immigration benefits in the 1990s. Later, she acknowledged purchasing a remote property with the intent to illegally grow marijuana.

Do you expect anything else from one of the most far Left states in the United States? Illegal immigrants and marijuana, what’s next, stolen drums from an OWS drum circle?

Comment below! Do you think Kitzhaber will eventually step down?