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Democrat Christmas Cards Don’t Actually Say ‘Christmas’


The DNC recently sent out an e-mail to supporters asking them for help in choosing a card to send to the President and First Lady for Christmas.

Oddly enough, none of them featured the word “Christmas.”

Via the Washington Examiner:

“Christmas” is MIA at the DNC.

In an email to supporters, the Democratic National Committee is polling on the best seasonal card to send the first family, Christians who celebrate Christmas and even just lit the National Christmas Tree. While the card covers feature Christmasy images, none actually use the word.

“Which holiday card should we send to the Obamas?” asks the survey.

The card choices include phrases such as “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” or “Sending You Warm Holiday Wishes.”

But no “Christmas.”

Meanwhile, the National Republican Congressional Committee is selling Christmas mugs to visitors at its website.

Democrats consistently struggle when it comes to the Christmas spirit, claiming they don’t want to offend those who don’t celebrate the holiday.

But they’re certainly willing to offend Republicans whenever they can. Click this link to see them trying to sell hatred of the Tea Party as a “great gift” for Christmas.

Then there’s Organizing For Action, Obama’s personal fundraising arm – they’ve decided the best way to celebrate a Christian holiday about the birth of Christ is by selling same-sex marriage tattoos.

Stay classy, Democrats.

What gift would you give a Democrat for Christmas this year? Tell us below…