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This Democrat Gave the All-Time Worst Debate Answer (Must Watch to Believe)

Lincoln Chafee

Last night, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton faced-off against her four opponents in the race for the Democratic nomination.

And with the former First Lady taking in all the big endorsements, TV time, and campaign cash, these four men needed to win the debate and inject much-needed momentum into their campaigns.

And yet all four of them failed.

You can read plenty of quality analysis of the debate online today, but if you want to know why poor Republican-turned Independent-turned Democrat Lincoln Chafee (RI) will not be our next President, take a look at the clip below:

So in trying to explain why he voted for a piece of legislation Dems hate, Chaffee’s excuse is … he was new to the Senate and his dad died?

Americans expect better of their leaders.

I know what you’re thinking… how did the fine people of Rhode Island elect this man – TWICE! – to be their governor?

Take a look at the video and then let us know who you think won the debate last night below!