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WHOA! This Democrat Just Got a KKK Leader’s Stamp of Approval!

Remember when former KKK imperial wizard David Duke endorsed Donald Trump for president, and the “KKK supports Trump” headlines wouldn’t go away? If candidates are responsible for the people endorsing them, should Hillary have refunded the $20,000 in campaign contributions she received from Klan members? The fact of the matter is that it wasn’t Trump endorsing the KKK – which is the only way such a story would be relevant.

But that didn’t stop it from being a line of attack, even by liberals in office. Muslim congressman Keith Ellison, the favorite among the progressive Left to head the DNC, sent out the following Tweet last August:

If Duke endorsing Trump was concerning to Ellison, he’s going to have a lot to contemplate now, considering who just endorsed his candidate for DNC chair.

The “at least he knows” remark appears to be a reference to Mr. Ellison’s past with the Nation of Islam and comments about Louis Farrakhan. Charges of bigotry, which the congressman denies, have dogged him since he started running for the coveted DNC job.

“If you go back to his positions, his papers, his speeches, the way he has voted, he is clearly an anti-Semite and anti-Israel individual,” Democratic donor Haim Saban said Dec. 2 while at the Brookings Institution’s annual Saban Forum in the nation’s capital, CNN reported. “Words matter and actions matter more. Keith Ellison would be a disaster for the relationship between the Jewish community and the Democratic Party.”

H/T Washington Times

Not surprisingly, Ellison has not addressed this publicly.

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