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Bill Clinton May Have Lost This Liberal Journalist And If So, Hillary Is DONE!

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Rachel Maddow of MSNBC didn’t like Bill Clinton’s speech for the most part and told her audience that. Now that speaks volumes when she has a huge mic presence on TV. I might be giving her more credit than she deserves. Maddow talks to a particular segment of society that sleeps during the day and walks the graveyards at night, but she does reach out to a few people.

If Bill Clinton loses MSNBC’s favorite primetime host, Hillary is done, and this election is over.

As for me, I wonder what sort of fantasy land do these liberal talking heads live in? Those were the words the Clinton crime family boss prepared and handed down to her useful idiots to spew out into a sea of sycophantic morons.

See, I don’t care about Bill at all and Maddow thinks Americans care what her warped mind thinks about Clinton’s walk down memory lane during his speech. All Americans should do is remember the two most important things about Hillary: 1) Hillary Clinton achieved this success mostly on the coattails of her husband, and 2) Hillary Clinton obtained the nomination by dishonesty and cheating Bernie Sanders.

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From Breitbart:

During MSNBC’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, host Rachel Maddow stated that she found the top part of former President Bill Clinton’s speech to the DNC “shocking and rude.”

Maddow began by giving the end of the speech an A+, but then said, “I think the beginning of the speech was a controversial way to start, honestly, talking about the girl, a girl, leading with this long story about him being attracted to an unnamed girl and thinking about whether he was starting something he couldn’t finish, building her whole political story, for the entire first half of the speech around her marriage to him. I think unless there were worries that this is going to be too feminist a convention, that was not a feminist way to start. But the end of the speech was excellent. I’ve got to say, the top of the speech I found shocking and rude.”

In Maddow’s case, she is pissed off that a single guy pursued a single woman for possible romance, and that it was successful and ultimately produced a marriage and a child. She is cool with what happened with their marriage dysfunction later and even celebrates it, but the healthy early years of their relationship…she hates.

She is a true extreme feminist who hates women who are not her ideal of “feminist”….and of course, hates all men. She is a joke!

This is all political theater and no one in that arena even cares about anything beyond the fact a woman is running.

Does Maddow’s news program reach into your house where she spews her biased facts or are you one of the smart ones and never allows her voice to reach your front yard? Share your comments below. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.