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BOOM! Sheriff David Clarke Calls Out DNC For THIS ENDORSEMENT!

Democratic Convention

What a great few days of criminality there have been at the DNC thus far.

Day One: Not a single American flag is to be seen on stage, or inside the audience. One audience member however was spotted with a Palestinian flag – and numerous Soviet flags were held by protesters outside the convention. During the speeches, ISIS wasn’t mentioned once.

Day Two: The DNC breaks Federal Law by knowingly hosting a speech by two adult illegal aliens. One is a woman named Francisca (no last name given), who appeared at the speaker’s podium with her young daughter Karla. Francisca is currently ignoring a deportation order from the U.S. Government.

That was hardly the only thing criminal they did. Among the speakers featured included the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. If only Travon Martin didn’t slam George Zimmerman’s face into pavement while beating him, and if only Michael Brown didn’t rob a convenience store, assault a police officer, and reach for an officer’s firearm, the two might be alive today.

Also featured was the mother of Sandra Bland, the woman who committed suicide while in custody which is somehow the police’s fault for a still unexplained reason.

Sheriff David Clarke is calling out the DNC for their open support of criminality, and it’s too good not to share. Watch below:

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