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Donald Trump Jr Just Accused Obama Of THIS And He Has A Point

Democratic Convention

It seems as if the Democrats don’t mind biting off other public figure speeches when they rip others.  Donald Trump Jr thought Barack Obama lifted a sentence from his speech and let everyone know about it on twitter.

Here’s a word of advice Donald Jr., don’t lower yourself to their brand. Leave it alone and go campaign with your Dad. The liberals are running scared now and grasping for straws. We had a wonderful convention and they had a disaster. In two weeks you’ll look in your rearview mirror and it’ll be gone. In the meantime, stay cool.

Democratic Convention

From The Hill:

The son of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says he’s “honored” President Obama would “plagiarize” a line from his Republican National Convention speech.

“I’m honored that POTUS would plagiarize a line from my speech last week. Where’s the outrage?” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Thursday, following Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech on Wednesday night in Philadelphia.

Last week, when addressing the Republican convention in Cleveland, Trump Jr. said: “There’s so much work to do. We will not accept the current state of our country because it’s too hard to change. That’s not the America I know. We’re going to unleash the creative spirit and energy of all Americans. We’re going to make our schools the best in the world for every single American of every single ethnicity and background.”

On Wednesday, Obama said: “What we heard in Cleveland last week wasn’t particularly Republican, and it sure wasn’t conservative. What we heard was a deeply pessimistic vision of a country where we turn against each other and turn away from the rest of the world. There were no serious solutions to pressing problems, just the fanning of resentment and blame and anger and hate. And that is not the America I know. The America I know is full of courage, and optimism, and ingenuity. The America I know is decent and generous.”

Trump Jr.’s accusation of Obama of plagiarizing the line, “That is not the America I know” comes a week and a half after Melania Trump faced backlash for using parts of first lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech.

Crazy Joe Biden plagiarized John Kennedy in his convention speech when he said “America is second to none” that is a phrase that president John Kennedy created and used often, but Biden has been caught plagiarizing other writing before.

It’s ok to hold these idiots to the same standard they held Melania Trump to  but don’t get caught up too much into it. The liberal media doesn’t care about our side one bit.

What do you think of Obama words vs. Don Jr’s words? Was it plagiarism? Share your voice in the comment section below and let us know what you think. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.