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Here’s How Liberals REALLY Reacted To Hillary’s DNC Speech!

Democratic Convention

Hillary gave her big speech to the DNC last night, formally accepting her position as the Democrat nominee for President. Right as she began to speak, a number of protesters erupted – some booing, and others staging a walkout.

Reporter Tim Pool with Fusion posted video to Twitter of the protest and the group of mostly Black protesters in white t-shirts (as opposed to the yellow-shirt Bernie Sanders delegate protesters) being ejected from the arena.

Cassandra Fairbanks filmed the protesters right as they were thrown out of the arena.

“Walk out from the convention #DNC”

“Came running out of the convention, they were inside started booing her and got chased out by secret service #DNC”

UPDATE: California Bernie Sanders delegates filmed walking out of Clinton’s speech.

“California delegates are walking out mid Clinton speech #DNCDisaster #DNC”

“Delegates: “every time you hear them chanting Hillary it’s bc Bernie supporters are chanting ‘no more war.’” #DNC”

BuzzFeed reporter Emma Loop confirms the counter-cheers and that they were done by DNC operatives.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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