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This Sanders Supporter Just Set The Stage For Hillary’s EARTH-SHATTERING DEFEAT!

Democratic Convention

Former Democratic Party nominee Bernie Sanders took the people’s money and trust and then stepped behind Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit and betrayed their support, I would be angry too.

Sorry Bernie, too late to turn that tide with a sell-out that is now a wash-out. Americans need to come out from among the whores and murderers of the DNC and turn to Trump!

Below this transcript is a video of a Sanders supporter who surprisingly gave Donald Trump the thumbs up against Hillary Clinton and the reasoning behind it was sound. If more Sanders supporters follow this script, Clinton has no chance in November, no chance.

Democratic Convention

From Real Clear Politics:

GUTIERREZ: Many Hillary Clinton supporters will say, ‘Look, a vote for a third party candidate could essentially be seen as a vote for Donald Trump.’ Are you okay with that?

PROTESTER: I think a superdelegate vote for Hillary is in fact a superdelegate vote for Trump. I agree that if you put Hillary as our candidate, there’s a lot of us that aren’t Democrats that will not vote for her.

Personally, I feel that her platform has every opportunity to pass because she’s really a Republican. Whereas Trump is hated by his own base and I think four years of Trump getting nothing done is better — actually eight years because Hillary will automatically be the nominee in four years — so we’ll have eight years without a progressive candidate.

GUTIERREZ: A lot of folks here told me they want a third party candidate, however you were telling me just a few minutes ago, you actually prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton?

PROTESTER: I would prefer Donald Trump. I would like, I want Jill Stein, absolutely or Bernie Sanders, beyond that, I think that Trump is less dangerous.

Watch the interview here:

Very telling don’t you agree? It’s not hard to decide who to choose to vote for if you are using common sense like this young lady.

I don’t know why Bernie supporters would follow him after he tells his supporters to vote for Hillary. Seems like he is just as dishonest as her. If he really walked his talk he would not be supporting Hillary in any way shape or form.

If you ever had a question about the patriotism of the Democratic Party, just count the number of American flags on display at the convention and you will find your answer.

H/T- Real Clear Politics

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