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Top Democrat Just Made A STUNNING Announcement About Trump…Hillary Is PISSED!

Democratic convention

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said his state was in play because Donald Trump speaks to the blue-collar worker more than Hillary Clinton. Democrats should have thought about that before nominating the most disliked, corrupt candidate in modern history.

Someone like Trump standing for the people and not the party line, refreshing. You know Hillary, I agree with Gov. Rendell. Pennsylvania isn’t a lock for you, and if you had any sense, you would get the political correctness out of your ears and start listening to the people.

You’re not looking good in the swing states, maybe you need to look at your speeches and figure out why no one is paying attention. Other than women’s health rights you don’t offer the average voter anything of real change. A lot of people voted for Obama, probably based on skin color more than anything, but I doubt he wouldn’t win today if everyone knew what you both were about.

From Real Clear Politics:

Former Gov. Ed Rendell at a Politico breakfast on Tuesday warns that Pennsylvania is “in play” this election cycle. Rendell said Pennsylvania is not a blue state.

“People have to understand, not withstanding presidential elections, Pennsylvania is not a blue state,” Rendell said to Politico. “We have a Republican legislature. During my 8 years as governor, the legislature was all Republican. Governor [Tom] Wolf has had an all Republican legislature.”

“I warned Democrats, Donald Trump is giving a message that is resonating with white blue-collar voters that work in factories, who worked on construction crews. We’d be naive if we didn’t understand that that exists. So this state is in play,” Rendell said.

Watch the interview here:

What do you think about that?

Why do I get the feeling that Ed Rendell is going to be in the headlines soon with the headline: “Freak weightlifting accident leaves Governor deceased”?

He spoke for Trump and not Hillary. That’s pretty much guaranteeing harmful things to come to him if the pattern holds.

Do you think Rendell is still going to be Hillary’s friend after this declaration at the DNC this week? Share your voice below in the comment section and let us know what you think.¬†Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.