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Top Bernie Supporter Just Got SCREWED By Hillary Clinton In A MAJOR WAY!!

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I really don’t care that much about Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or Nina Turner, I am a troublemaker from the word “GO.” But fair is fair and I think Nina, who was a  huge mouthpiece for Sanders on the campaign trail, should have been able to speak for him at the convention.

I guess that’s what you get for not falling in line and supporting the Queen in the Great Oligarchy of America.

This is why I’m not a Democrat anymore. They don’t care about the rights of Americans. I’m not a Bernie, supporter never have been, but this woman had the right to speak. Our government on both sides wants to control everything but that’s not the free America I’ve grown up with. I may not be around in ten or twenty yrs but I can imagine what this country will look like. Sad

From The Hill:

Hollywood stars and Bernie Sanders supporters Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Rosario Dawson and Shailene Woodley are standing together and speaking out in support of fellow surrogate Nina Turner.

“It was Bernie’s wish that she speak on Monday and also on Tuesday to introduce his nomination. This did not happen,” Sarandon told a crowd of journalists gathered in a media tent outside of the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. “So we’re here to say: This is upsetting to us. It seems there have been a lot of difficulties in executing the wills of Bernie Sanders’s people and surrogates.”

Turner, a former Ohio state senator and vocal Sanders supporter, told MSNBC on Wednesday that she was poised to deliver a speech nominating the Vermont senator at the Democratic National Convention but “at the last minute, I was told I could not do that. Sen. Sanders told me that himself.”

She declined to give a reason for the decision or who made it but said, “It was pretty hurtful.”

Watch the explanation here:

Welp, THAT’S gonna promote that ‘party unity’ Clinton supporters keep sniveling about.

The DNC is imploding. Their lying and double-crossing ways are finally exposed. What else would you expect from a party that supports a pathological liar?

Bernie should have run as an Independent candidate since he always claimed to be an Independent. He knew he would get no traction as an Independent and so did his followers. Let us be real about the situation. If you want change then be honest with yourselves first and everyone else second.

But like I said before, neither of these candidates mean anything to me, I want to make America great again and it can’t happen with Democrats in charge.

What do you think of the DNC pulling Nina from her speaking slot? What type of party unity are the Democrats pushing again?  Share  your views below and let me know what you think. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.


Comments on “Top Bernie Supporter Just Got SCREWED By Hillary Clinton In A MAJOR WAY!!”

  1. Arizona Don says:

    It is doubtful many if any Bernie supporters know what socialism really is.

    If hillary clinton wins in November it will take until about 2019 for America to look like Venezuela looks right now. Democrats are destroying America just like they did Detroit. It is clear obama started it and hillary if elected will complete it.

    Everything in Venezuela is in short supply right now. Nothing is abundant. Even, believe it or not, toilet paper. Every socialist nation is just like that. The USSR was as well. Most democrats do not even know what socialism, communism and fascism are all about. Only one system of government has ever allowed those with the drive and ability to improve their lifestyle. That system is called free enterprise. America as a Constitutional Republic, with the free enterprise system allows for personal prosperity no socialistic nation does that. Everyone should be entitled to the fruits of their own labor. That takes a Constitutional Republic.

    It has been said any government that can give you anything you want can also take anything you have including YOUR life. That has been proven over and over during the last century. However, the democrats who support communism have taken that out of the school books and cannot allow such things to be common knowledge or the young people would rebel. Sharing the wealth is not free enterprise. It is a form of socialism taken to the highest degree.

    obama’s promised fundamental transformation is into a socialistic society. A transformation no one, to the best of my knowledge,, who knows anything about socialism has ever asked for. Few realize what it is and none will accept it, at least peacefully. Yet democrats cheered wildly when it was promised with no questions asked. Consequently, obama never explained into what. To this day!

    The clintons are bigger crooks then Al Capone at his height of power. Slick willie was even impeached and that does not matter to democrats, they, it seems, don’t care as long as they steal from you and me and give some of the loot to them.

    hillary must not be elected in November if America is to remain a Constitutional Republic. Her picking communistic progressive democrats for the supreme court (perhaps as many as four) will transform America into a socialistic state similar to the USSR of the 50’s and 60’s. Even the second amendment will be reinterpreted to not include the individual.

    Ever since slick willie was first elected the democrats in the US have become accomplished compulsive liars. Their future influence in America must be avoided at all costs. If in fact America is to survive as a somewhat free nation.