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Absurd! Democrats Are Blocking Trump’s Success ALREADY!

When Barack Obama was president, we never heard the end of it when Republicans would obstruct far-left legislation that Obama supported. Congressional Democrats were naturally frustrated by our system of checks and balances

If Obama’s policies were popular, Republicans wouldn’t have taken over and continued to dominate races for the House and Senate in the first place. They were “obstructing” Obama by keeping his power in check, which is what they were elected to do. Despite their cries of “obstruction,” Congressional Democrats (and Obama) never really cared about the fact that Republicans were preventing things from getting done. They were frustrated that Republicans were preventing liberal policies from getting rammed down our throats.

And the proof is in their actions, as Congressional Democrats aren’t wasting any time before obstructing Donald Trump. In fact, they’re obstructing before there are even policies to disagree with.

Even as he signs executive orders at a furious pace and plans ‘yuge’ changes across the federal government, President Trump is dealing with a major disadvantage: His team is not in place.

Not only has the Senate confirmed just a handful of Trump’s Cabinet nominees nearly three weeks into his presidency, but hundreds of other positions remain unappointed. Part of the problem is Trump has not named most of those mid-level nominees; and part, as Trump complained Tuesday night, is Senate Democrats’ “obstruction” of his Cabinet picks.

But one thing is clear: this year’s Cabinet confirmation process is one of the slowest in history. 

As of Wednesday, Trump was still waiting on confirmation for 10 of his 15 Cabinet nominees. By this time in 2001, then-President George W. Bush had his entire Cabinet confirmed. Then-President Barack Obama was just three short of a full Cabinet on Feb. 8, 2009.

H/T Fox News

There’s no point in trying to obstruct any of Trump’s nominees, because Republicans have a majority in the Senate. They’d be better off trying to reasonably convince Republicans to vote against particular Trump nominees, but instead, they’re just trying to waste time.

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