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Democrats Running Like Chickens With Heads Cut Off After This; And It’s So Beautiful!

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Wikileaks is not done with the Democratic National Convention or anyone attached to it. After the DNC email leak, Democrats are running around like chickens with their heads cut off… especially since Wikileaks just announced more emails will be released!

This is incredible!

I dare to speculate Wikileaks will dump the emails late Wednesday so that the media has enough time to digest them before Hillary’s acceptance speech on the last day of convention. This move will be designed to embarrass both Clinton and Sanders.

From Washington Examiner:

The Clinton campaign is bracing for another WikiLeaks email dump.

Jennifer Palmieri, the Clinton campaign’s communications director, told reporters she wouldn’t be surprised if the rogue organization notorious for publishing hacked documents releases more emails from the trove it stole from the Democratic National Committee.

Palmieri said the campaign was not concerned about any of its emails or documents being released, and downplayed the impact another dump could have on the rest of the Democratic convention that will officially nominate Clinton for president Tuesday evening on a roll call vote of delegates.

“We’re not concerned about our emails. The Wikileaks leak was obviously designed to hurt our convention so it’s possible that they could do it — I don’t think they’re done,” Palmieri said Tuesday. “That’s how they operate.”

Isn’t it amazing how they’re so disturbed that information that they transmitted is interfering with and hurting their party now, but not when Hillary risked our national security by sending classified emails on an unsecured private email server?

Clearly, those voting for Hillary are sublime fools or brainwashed, for they cannot see what Washington has become or they prefer to remain in a state of denial. Honest governments exist like unicorns. Hillary does not represent the people; she represents those who give her big money.

And yet they still want to blame it on anybody but themselves.

Thankfully, Bernie Sanders supporters aren’t buying the “Russians did it” excuse Hillary is pushing:

Do you think the next email dump is going to be damaging to the DNC? Share your voices below in the comments section.