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Are There ANY Dems Running Who Aren’t Plagiarists?

Yet another Democrat running for office, this time in Wisconsin, has been caught plagiarizing their work. BuzzFeed reports on the latest thief:

Large portions of Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke’s jobs plan for Wisconsin appear to be copied directly from the plans of three Democratic candidates who ran for governor in previous election cycles.

Burke’s economic plan “Invest for Success” copies nearly-verbatim sections from the jobs plans of Ward Cammack, who ran for Tennessee governor in 2009 before withdrawing from the race, a 2008 plan from Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, and John Gregg who ran for governor of Indiana in 2012 and lost to Mike Pence.

Two of the three campaigns that were plagiarized lost to their opponents. Even when copying ideas from other campaigns verbatim, Burke can’t even devise a winning strategy by copying plans from winners instead of losers. Even lazy college students know that text shouldn’t be copied word-for-word, and if it is, at least pick an A+ paper, not a D-.

This isn’t the first time this cycle that a Democrat running for office has been caught lifting other’s ideas for their own gain. John Walsh, a Democrat running for Senate in Montana, was caught plagiarizing huge portions of his final paper for the United States Army War College. The New York Times describes the recent and egregious plagiarism by the decorated Iraq War veteran:

Mr. Walsh completed the paper, what the War College calls a “strategy research project,” to earn his degree in 2007, when he was 46. The sources of the material he presents as his own include academic papers, policy journal essays and books that are almost all available online.

Most strikingly, the six recommendations Mr. Walsh laid out at the conclusion of his 14-page paper, titled “The Case for Democracy as a Long Term National Strategy,” are taken nearly word-for-word without attribution from a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace document on the same topic.

It’s already a difficult election cycle for Democrats. Showing their true colors as liars and thieves this early in the game is going to make several races across the country a walk in the park for Republicans.


Comments on “Are There ANY Dems Running Who Aren’t Plagiarists?”

  1. Fitzhugh says:

    They lie cheat and steal, anything to get elected.