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DESPICABLE: These Four Facts About the Illegal Immigrant Who Shot a SF Woman Are OUTRAGEOUS!

Image courtesy Gateway Pundit

CNN has the story on the case of the tragic death of a young woman in San Francisco,

Kate Steinle was walking on a busy pier in San Francisco with her father when there was a single popping sound in the air.

She fell to the ground, struck by a bullet, the victim of what police say appears to be a random killing.

As more has emerged out of the story, it has become clear that while this was a random shooting, the death of Kate Steinle has implications in both politics and policy far beyond San Francisco. These are the four most shocking things about her murder and the man who perpetrated it, a 45-year-old named Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez.

1. Lopez-Sanchez is an illegal immigrant who has been deported five times previously. The fact that he was still able to easily reenter only goes to highlight just how loose our borders are.

2.  Lopez-Sanchez landed in San Francisco due to its lax immigration laws. The New York Times reports on how this liberal city’s own laws led to Lopez-Sanchez being in the city in the first place:

A San Francisco ordinance, passed in 2013, broadly restricts the police from cooperating with immigration agents. City officials say the so-called sanctuary law has helped law enforcement by enhancing trust between the police and residents who are immigrants without documents.

Sheriff Mirkarimi said the city’s ordinance allowed him to respond to the federal authorities only when he had a court order or warrant.

“They had his rap sheet and they were well aware of our policies,” the sheriff said in a telephone interview Tuesday. “The natural question is, why wouldn’t they follow through with a warrant for this suspect?”

3. The murderer had been arrested before on drug charges and subsequently released. CNN explains,

In March, Lopez-Sanchez was turned over to San Francisco authorities and ultimately released after completing a federal prison sentence.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said San Francisco wanted him on a drug warrant, so the agency handed him over with a request to let it know if he was to be released.

Despite that request, San Francisco authorities let him go in April after the drug charges were dropped.

4. The gun used to kill Steinle belonged to a federal agent and nobody seems to know how it came into the possession of Lopez-Sanchez. He claims he found the gun wrapped in a t-shirt but those with knowledge of the investigation claim it is linked to an unnamed federal agent.

Comment below: Do you think our country’s immigration laws played a part in Kate Steinle’s death?



  1. Susan says:

    Our immigration laws were written to exclude those with a criminal history but are largely ignored. We then spend a lot of taxpayer dollars tracking down and prosecuting these criminals. The lack of enforcement is costing us in several ways not to mention the loss of life.

  2. Tim says:

    So charges were dropped, He was still in the city as an illegal immigrant. He is also a know felon. He should have been immediately turned over to INS for deportation instead of being released to go on his merry way. There are federal immigration laws on the books. There is a standard that must be upheld if these crimes are to be deterred. It now becomes a finger pointing game instead because no one wants to accept responsibility for the death of this woman. This is not the only incident of this nature to have occurred involving illegal Immigrants.

  3. Rick says:

    “… by enhancing trust between the police and residents who are immigrants without documents…”

    Stop it!! They are NOT immigrants OR residents, they are CRIMINALS.