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Eerie! This Is What Detroit Looks Like At Night! (VIDEO)

Detroit at night

You’ve probably heard the decline and failure of Detroit used as a political talking point, but have you ever seen life in the city itself?

Sure, you’ve probably seen countless pictures of abandoned buildings, wreckage, and other photos making the city look like a war zone. But is the rest of the city like that?

As a viral video shows – the sad answer to that question is yes.

It has become known as a mecca of violent crime and poverty, and now a viral video is giving an unpleasant view of Detroit after dark.

The clip, called Driving through Detroit at night, was filmed by a woman who was a passenger in a car going around the Motor City and was posted to Twitter at the weekend.

It shows terrifying scenes of gangs gathered on the sidewalk, prostitutes lifting up their skirts and dancing, and even a man being run over by a car on purpose.

The video lasts just two minutes 20 seconds, however it manages to capture a truly horrible look at a city that was once the most prosperous place in America.

However, in 2013, the city went bankrupt, and spiraled into a depression of crime and unemployment.

The following year, Detroit was listed as having the highest murder rates of any major city in the country, according to the FBI.

As the footage starts, a group of men are seen sitting on bicycles adorned with lights outside a hall on a busy street.

The camera soon switches to a more isolated street, and another group of men standing by an open fire.

Here are some photos from the video:
Detroit at night Detroit at night Detroit at night
This is what a half-century of Democrat controlled government does to a citizen. Aside from bombing, I can’t think of anything more disastrous to a city.
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