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BREAKING NEWS: Obama’s Plan To Steal The Election From Trump EXPOSED!

DHS election

Can you believe the Obama Administration is looking to put Homeland Security in charge of national elections? That is nothing to play around with or even talk into existence. The fix is in and liberals are going to “Plan B” which means when Donald Trump wins by a landslide in November they will say the election was compromised. If Hillary Clinton wins, they will pat themselves on the back and say job well done.

Bad idea! You might as well not even have an election if Homeland Security is involved. Just tell everyone Hillary is your next president.

We all know how well the IRS treated the Tea Party Patriots. Expect the same for DHS. Rigged elections, I tell you. I never thought the day would come, but hey, separation of church and state, and banning school prayer is important.

From Washington Examiner:

Even before the FBI identified new cyber attacks on two separate state election boards, the Department of Homeland Security began considering declaring the election a “critical infrastructure,” giving it the same control over security it has over Wall Street and the electric power grid.

The latest admissions of attacks could speed up that effort possibly including the upcoming presidential election, according to officials.

“We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process, is critical infrastructure like the financial sector, like the power grid,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said.

“There’s a vital national interest in our election process, so I do think we need to consider whether it should be considered by my department and others critical infrastructure,” he said at media conference earlier this month hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

Johnson also said that the big issue at hand is that there isn’t a central election system since the states run elections. “There’s no one federal election system. There are some 9,000 jurisdictions involved in the election process,” Johnson said.

“There’s a national election for president, there are some 9,000 jurisdictions that participate, contribute to collecting votes, tallying votes and reporting votes,” he said.

Talk about a “false flag.” If they do declare this critical infrastructure and cannot put a program in place before November, Obama could conceivably postpone the election citing national security concerns. Not saying that will happen, but it’s a definite possibility. This is very dangerous ground they’re treading on, and we need to stay vigilant.

Funny how in 2012 when Obama won there were entire counties in PA that not one single vote was cast for the Mitt Romney which is mathematically impossible. Now that Trump is gaining steam they don’t want the same thing to happen to them that they’ve been doing for years.

We need somebody besides the damn government to oversee the elections! The people working the polls should be honest, but I don’t think we have very many honest people left, especially when it comes to politics!

What do you think about the idea of the Department of Homeland Security overseeing our elections? Is that something you would be ok with or infuriated about? Share your opinion below in the comment section and let us know what you think. Please LIKE and SHARE this story on Facebook or Twitter.


Comments on “BREAKING NEWS: Obama’s Plan To Steal The Election From Trump EXPOSED!”

  1. Adrian says:

    The counties run the elections. They have their work cut out for them, but they will try because Obama is determined to become our “Eternal President.” He thinks he is God’s gift to the people! The man is clinically insane.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.