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BREAKING: Major Muslim Leader Just Got Busted Breaking The Law!

Diaa Mohamed











Allah certainly wasn’t looking out for Diaa Mohamed, the founder of Australia’s Muslim Party.

Believe it or not, Australia already has some elements of Sharia Law operating. In the Muslim community, Sharia is used to settle divorce cases, but that’s the extent of Sharia operating, and it’s not formally recognized by the Australian government. Of course, the Muslim community there wants much more than that, and even have their own political party, albeit one with no political representation in Australia’s House or Senate.

The founder of the Australian Muslim Party is facing criminal charges after allegedly carrying out a lucrative fraud racket worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Political hopeful and western Sydney businessman Diaa Mohamed was arrested and charged with nine fraud offences in May following a lengthy and wide-ranging NSW Police probe.

he 35-year-old’s case is due on Wednesday to come before Parramatta Local Court, where an additional drug supply charge will be laid.

It is understood the charge stems from cocaine allegedly found at Mr Mohamed’s home during a search warrant. Police will also present him with further fraud charges.

Police will allege Mr Mohamed and four others set up fake businesses and applied for loans through a company that loaned funds to purchase business equipment.

The fraud allegedly ran into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s a good thing his Party will never succeed in bringing Sharia to Australia – or else Mohamed would be having his hand chopped off as punishment for this theft.

H/T The Age

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