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Did Michelle Obama Just Take the Title for Worst Race-Baiter?

michelle obama

Children learning about the First Family nowadays may find it hard to believe that it once would have been an honor to have the First Lady speak at their commencement ceremony. But after seeing this horrendous take on an inspirational speech, you may feel these Tuskegee graduates are instead being punished. Anyone with some sense would see right through this shameful attempt of relating to the audience for what it really is – blatant and unabashed race baiting.

Every word that falls out of Michelle Obama’s mouth divides America further and further apart. It’s no wonder divisiveness in this country has spread rampantly since the Obama’s took office – they instill in America’s black youth that they will be treated unfairly and promote that they must assume it’s happening in every facet of their lives.

Watch the disaster unfold below…

We can only hope this crowd of graduates see her for the fraud she is, but fear otherwise based on the cheers and applause.

H/T: The Political Insider



  1. Mary says:

    Good Grief—That was a graduation speech? Who wrote it for her? I believe her wig was too tight

  2. Adrian says:

    This woman, like her husband, is sick.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.