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Did Obama Bomb Syria At Night to Avoid Actually Killing Terrorists?

Ralph Peters, retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, claims that President Obama intentionally chose night time as the opportunity to bomb ISIS in Syria, because he didn’t actually want to hurt any terrorists.

In an interview on Fox News (H/T: Gateway Pundit), Peters told viewers the following:

Now, we went in the middle of the night because that way the buildings were empty and President Obama didn’t want to hurt any terrorists. In the middle of the night you blow out windows, you knock down antennas. The right time to hit, if you wanted to hurt the Islamic State terrorist militants would have been 10 or 11 in the morning.

Watch the segment below …

Peters expanded on his theory later that night with Sean Hannity.

Via NewsMax:

The United States has to “suck it up and do what’s right” in fighting the terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS), says retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters.

“These strikes last night were designed to limit terrorist casualties. These were not serious, manful strikes,” Peters said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s Hannity.

Airstrikes led by the United States were launched late Monday night and hit buildings in Syria where ISIS has command-and-control centers. The Pentagon said it did not target people, but communications systems.

Peters pointed out that ISIS has no air defense systems and the same targets could have been hit at midday when they were filled with ISIS leaders and lower-level personnel.

“Instead we hit empty buildings at night,” he said. “That is not the way to defeat terrorists who behead Americans.”

Peters originally stated that he had high hopes for the President’s strategy to address ISIS terrorists, but after hearing his speech deemed it nothing more than a “pathetic” plan.

Peters’ own strategy involves killing every last member of ISIS and then going after their pet goat should the need arise.