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Did This Far-Left Comedian Actually Warn Liberals about Obama’s Executive Orders?


Whether its allowing amnesty for illegal immigrants, re-writing the Affordable Care Act to implement limitations on the second amendment, or raising the federal minimum wage, President Obama has consistently used the power of executive orders to rule more like a king than President.

Now, somebody has issued a warning against that abuse of power, and you just might be surprised who it is.

It’s not often we find the opportunity to look at comedian Bill Maher as a voice of reason, but he just may have stumbled onto something with his latest blog post which warns liberals of Obama’s power grab. Maher explains to his liberal colleagues that they should be concerned about the President’s excessive use of executive orders, saying one day there might be a person in the White House that they don’t like doing the same thing.

Via Mediaite:

Bill Maher said on his blog today that liberals should be pretty wary of President Obama‘s use of executive orders, because one day a president they don’t like will do it and they won’t like the results.

Maher referenced the controversy about Obama deciding to rename Mount McKinley Mount Denaliand and how the president issued an executive order dealing with sick leave for employees at companies with federal government contracts.

But, he pointed out, those two things went through the legislative process first and failed. And while the current Congress is pretty “dysfunctional,” Maher acknowledged, it’s a problem that “whoever wins the presidency rules the country in a way they haven’t before.”

Maher wrote:

Executive orders are the new legislation, and if a president wants to get anything done during their term they’re going to have to issue a lot of them. Which makes the stakes for 2016 higher than usual… [T]he president is now more like a king. And if a Republican wins, you can get ready to have your benefits slashed, your immigration laws enforced differently, and all your mountains named after Reagan.

Of course, Maher’s moment of clarity isn’t so much about his concern of unchecked power abuse by the current President, it’s concern that a Republican would do the same thing. Sounds more like a preemptive strike against a future President Trump, President Carson, or President Fiorina to us.

What say you?

Comment: Do you think Maher is actually concerned about abuse of power by Obama, or is he simply concerned that the precedent has been set for a Republican to do the same things our current President has?



Comments on “Did This Far-Left Comedian Actually Warn Liberals about Obama’s Executive Orders?”

  1. Mary says:

    The executive orders are “wishes” issued and are not laws. The job of the president is to be the executive that sees to it that the laws are executed or filled out according to the intent of the law. The executive is not a lawmaker! Congress are the place that laws are crafted and passed. Period. They are the lawmakers! and more likely can be the voice of the people that elect them directly, not through an electoral college. No one cares to have the president have a bratty fit about an issue and then a executive order when things just do not go his way but should be according to the wishes of the people, the citizens of the country. Anyone on any “wing”, right or left, might see through the excessive use of executive orders that lack for any concern for the people of the country.