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Classic Dirty Harry Clip Predicted How Out of Control Liberals Are Today

When it comes to their advocacy for diversity quotas, liberals prove that they’re concerned more with the color of a person’s skin than the quality of their work.

When racial quotas like affirmative action go into place at universities nationwide, it hurts everyone. Qualified white and Asian students need above average SAT scores to get into their colleges of choice, while Hispanics and blacks can score hundreds of points lower, on average. It creates a mismatch of skills, preventing many of the best and brightest from attending certain schools, while placing the under-qualified in a position that makes them more likely to fail in the first place.

The same is true in the workforce. And believe it or not, liberal lunacy has always existed. Long before he was lecturing Obama at the 2012 Republican National Convention, Clint Eastwood was attacking liberalism on the big screen.

Here’s a prophetic (and extremely accurate) clip from his 1976 classic Dirty Harry, which exposes how illogical diversity quotas are.

A┬áliberal would brand what he said “misogynistic” (and would certainly brand my comments on affirmative action as “racist”), but they’re missing the point entirely. It’s precisely because we care about people that we don’t want quotas to put them in positions they’re unqualified for.

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