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This Disgraceful Obama Administration Official…. Forgot the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE! (WATCH)

Obama’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson probably should have paid more attention in grade school. He just admitted during a speech to the Professional Services Council in Arlington, Virginia that he recently forgot the Pledge while visiting a school in Queens, New York…

Johnson revealed that his snafu occurred while he was General Counsel of the Air Force and was asked to participate in a ‘Principal for a Day’ program at an elementary school in Queens, N.Y.

“We said the pledge of allegiance here. I know the pledge of allegiance, like everybody here does,” Johnson said. “There’s a period where I actually forgot the pledge of allegiance, I hesitate to say this.”

Johnson said that as part of the ‘Principal for a Day’ program, he was prompted to lead the students of P.S. 143 in the pledge of allegiance during the school’s morning announcements.

“It had been, I don’t know how long, since I said the pledge of allegiance,” Johnson admitted. “I’m a trial lawyer, I’m not usually at a loss for words. But I now know how to say the pledge of allegiance.”

via The Free Beacon

Are you surprised that an Obama administration official would forget the Pledge? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think!



  1. Bradley says:

    It is easy to forget what you don’t believe in

  2. Juan Two Three says:

    He’s just another igrornat POS Obongoloid minion…I don’t think anyone in Obama’s Administration can or will recite the Pledge of Allegiance…Obongoloid has and continues to destroy what America stands for.