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After Disgusting Paris Terrorist Attacks, Ben Carson Has THIS Message For Congress


Can anyone tell me why the Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, etc., do not take in any refugees from Syria? And also, why the refugees who are mostly Muslims, do not apply for asylum in those Islamic countries?

Why do the US and the Western European countries offer to take in so many of these refugees, knowing that they will not assimilate well into the society and that there is a strong possibility that these groups of refugees have been infiltrated by radical Muslims who are potential terrorists?

According to CNN, Dr. Ben Carson asked Congress to withdraw funding from Syrian Refugees:

“I think plenty of mistakes have already been made,” Carson said. “As president, I would give the mission to the Pentagon and ask them what they need to accomplish the mission. … The era of arm-chair quarterbacking our military will end in my administration.”

But Carson did rebuke the notion of only allowing in Christian refugees.

“Well, of course we don’t apply religious tests, but we should apply ideological tests, and I would be very reticent to bring in people who are ideologically opposed to the ideal of America,” Carson said.


Dr. Carson is right.¬†Obama is very stupidly importing 10,000 Syrians, mostly young men, because he looks at them as voters. Even after the terrorist attacks in Paris. Even if 1% were ISIS members, that’s 100 terrorists that can cause a lot of havoc. The Obama administration even talked about importing up to 200,000, which is pure idiocy.

There are other options available to these Western countries to help these war refugees, not the economic refugees. Perhaps a referendum on this issue would be more democratic, in those countries where democracy still prevails?

I am with Dr. Carson on this one. Congress needs to listen to him or reap the whirlwind from the American people on this issue.

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