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DNC Chair Who Accused Scott Walker of Violence Against Women Says We Need to Tone Things Down

As reported yesterday, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz made some wild accusations against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. During a round-table discussion on women’s issues in Milwaukee, the Florida Congresswoman said that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker “give(s) women the back of his hand” and that he and his Tea Party colleagues “are grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back.”

But Debbie wasn’t always so loose with hyperbolic rhetoric, complaining about the Tea Party and their level of discourse surrounding the Gabby Giffords shooting in 2011.


Truth Revolt provides some background:

Schultz is no stranger to outlandish comments, but ridiculously, she is also no stranger to condemning over the top rhetoric, nor is she new to blaming everything on the tea party.

Yes, that is Debbie condemning the rhetoric of the woman-beating tea party. She is claiming the woman-beating tea party treats opponents like the enemy. She thinks the woman-beating tea party should tone down their rhetoric.

So remember folks, don’t treat your opponent like your enemy, or like they are a liar. Just call them a domestic abuser who is smacking women and pulling their hair. Because civil discourse, you guys!

For their part, the DNC responded to Wasserman Schultz’ deplorable attacks by condemning … Scott Walker?

“Domestic violence is an incredibly serious issue and the Congresswoman was by no means belittling the very real pain survivors experience,” said Lily Adams, the DNC deputy communications director. “That’s why Democrats have consistently supported the Violence Against Women Act and won’t take a lesson from the party that blocked and opposed its reauthorization. The fact of the matter is that Scott Walker’s policies have been bad for Wisconsin’s women.”

Domestic violence is so serious, we’re willing to belittle it by fabricating domestic violence accusations against Republicans.  Totally #NewTone worthy there, DNC.