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Nice Try Pelosi But This Response To DNC Hackers Is Whack!!

dnc hack

Rep. Nancy Pelosi figured she would try to fix the DNC email leak they blamed on the Russians by telling everyone the information could contain false insets by Russian security services. What a crock!

I understand when you mess up and you have to cover your mistakes so you don’t fall deeper into trouble but most of us grew up with parents who wanted you to be honest and own your mistakes and take personal responsibility.

Democrats never learned that part of growing up.

This is pitiful how these representatives of the people act more and more like irresponsible toddlers every day they sit in Congress. They destroy American lives and then blame each other like we are too dumb to notice it was them.

By the way, I still haven’t seen any evidence proving Russia had anything to do with it other than them saying it. Now not only did they hack in but the Russians have supposedly changed the information or added false information. This seems to be getting ridiculous.

From Newsmax:

Democratic officials, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., are saying that any leaks of Democratic documents could contain falsified information by Russian security services.

Pelosi made the comments during a conference call with Democratic legislators and aides who had their emails and phone numbers leaked, according to Politico.

Democratic consultant Brad Ward said this move helps raise doubts about any information that might be released, rather than waiting until after a release has occurred.

“You may have material that’s 95 percent authentic, but 5 percent is modified, and you’ll never actually be able to prove a negative, that you never wrote what’s in that material,” Alperovitch said.

Democratic strategist Craig Varoga said that enough true information could be in the releases to be damaging. “The most powerful lie contains truth. Whether it’s the devil or it’s Russian intelligence services, they traffic in things that are true in order to put across a greater lie,” Varoga said.

Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak said Democrats are trying to change the subject away from the content of anything that was hacked.

“First, they made it all about Russia instead of the substance of what was actually in the emails. If there is a massive trove of emails or documents relating to the Clinton campaign or the Clinton Foundation… they may just say, ‘Look, the authenticity of the emails hasn’t been confirmed,” Mackowiak told Politico.

So let me get this straight, they are not good enough to protect their information and secure it BUT they were smart enough to find out who did it as soon as it was reported as happening . Also after months of information coming out they just now say that it’s falsified . I was born it just wasn’t yesterday.

So that’s the new spin of lies, those are not my emails. Nice try Nancy you were caught with your Pelosi’s exposed. Denying them is priceless.

Do you believe Pelosi’s latest excuse? What should happen to this woman along with her minions? Share your opinions below and let me know what you think.