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Dolly Parton Exercises Her 2nd Amendment Rights! Pulls Gun…


First off let me say every responsible woman should be armed, especially in today’s society but this story about Dolly Parton pulling a gun is something you would never think of or expect to happen.

Country legend Dolly Parton was in New York City in her earlier days and was propositioned by a man who thought she and her friends were hookers. Dolly didn’t take to kindly and reached into her handbag and drew her gun. I guess the man decided against his previous request and moved on.

You have to admit that’s funny. I know liberal women will be up in arms. That being, to be politically correct, I’ll say that’s disgusting, and he needs to be arrested. That’s her story and I’m sticking to it.

From Yahoo News:

The 70-year-old singer recalled a time where she was “propositioned” by a man in New York City, who had mistaken her for a prostitute, however, the man promptly left her and her female friend alone after she took the gun that she keeps in her handbag out and threatened him with it.

Speaking to the National Enquirer, she explained: “I was in New York walking with a girlfriend when some man came on to us.

“He thought we were hookers I guess, and he propositioned us.

“Well, I stuck my hand in my bag, pulled out my gun, pointed it at him and told him if he didn’t take a hike I’d turn him into a soprano.

“He left us alone right quickly after that.”

Dolly went on to insist that she learned how to use a firearm for her own safety after she received death threats from a strange man in Kentucky years ago.

She has also been a target of the KKK for several years, with a source previously saying: “Dolly has now been targeted by the KKK for more than 10 years. She’s a Christian, but she marches to her own beat and says she isn’t in the business of judging anyone.

“Dolly won’t back down on what she believes in, but she’s gotten weird letters from some unhinged people that have really unnerved her.

“She feels like she’s got a bulls-eye on her back.”

Well, as that man in New York City quickly learned, nobody can mess with Dolly Parton.

I thought everybody knew who Dolly was!

Obviously, this guy who propositioned Dolly wasn’t a music fan to know who she was. I know this hurts many gun control advocates, but law-abiding citizens own firearms and use them to protect themselves. They do not go around waving their guns willy nilly like they live in Dodge City.

What do you think of Dolly’s incident? Do you applaud her protecting herself using her 2nd amendment rights? Was she too quick the trigger? Share your opinions below in the comment section.


Comments on “Dolly Parton Exercises Her 2nd Amendment Rights! Pulls Gun…”

  1. David says:

    WE ALL have the right to protect ourselves from “dirt bags” AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF LIBERAL ORIGIN.