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Donald Trump Has An AWESOME Response For Failed Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s Bombshell!


GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on CNN today responded to the pathetic, irresponsible attack by 2012 failed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney launched today.

Romney emerged from the shadows to claim he has reason to believe there is a “bombshell” in Donald Trump’s taxes. It’s ironic that Romney would stoop to this on behalf of the GOP Establishment since he was viciously and falsely attacked about his taxes during the 2012 Campaign.

The desperation of the Establishment is showing. Expect far worse in attacks against Trump in the week ahead.

Check out the video report below:

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What is the purpose for Mitt Romney to insert his voice into the 2016 presidential race when he lost the 2012 presidential race by large margin? What is his endgame?

After watching this what did you think about Donald Trump’s response to Romney’s bombshell? A lot of questions, can you provide some answers in a comments section?

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