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Donald Trump Does This AWESOME Thing For A Wounded Veteran!


A wounded veteran attending a Donald Trump rally in Sioux City, Iowa, wanted to express his frustrations with the Department of Veterans Affairs, a government agency embroiled in scandal.

In one of the most moving moments of this campaign season, Trump walked down off the stage to interact with 21-year Army vet and Purple Heart recipient Todd Landen.

The audience was left cheering when Trump not only listened to Landen’s story, but pledged to do something about it.

Via the Blaze:

“With the current administration, warrior care is lacking to say the least, and especially post-service,” Todd said to Trump. “What will the Trump administration do better than the Obama administration?”

Todd’s wife went on to explain how they’ve been unable to get an appointment so that Todd can receive the care that he needs. Trump responded by not only promising to fix the problems as president, but also by making a surprise promise that could have an even more immediate impact.

The billionaire businessman then instructed the family to write down their information and give it to him so he can help.

“You’re going to write out your card, and I am going to put pressure on the VA like you won’t believe,” Trump said to major applause from the crowd. “As president, I can guarantee it. As Trump I can say, ‘I’ll probably be able to pull it off anyway.’”

Watch the incredible moment below …

Probably more rare than a presidential candidate who actually pays attention to our wounded veterans (see Hillary), is the presidential candidate who actually does what he says he’ll do.

A senior adviser to the Trump campaign tweeted the following:

Calls made. Not by President Obama, not by Hillary Clinton. Calls made by Donald Trump.

And though Hillary isn’t making calls on behalf of any veterans because she thinks their complaints are overblown, a report that came out in July suggests nearly one-third of vets who applied for health care services through the VA died before having their enrollment accepted.

Comment:  What did you think of Trump’s pledge to help the veterans?  Will he do a better job than President Obama?

Looking to support Trump and the wounded veterans?  Check out this page dedicated to everything Donald Trump.


Comments on “Donald Trump Does This AWESOME Thing For A Wounded Veteran!”

  1. Ronald says:

    I think that he can probably put pressure on the VA, but it will still be third rate care. I would feel better if he just took care of it privately, with his own money. OK, not even Trump is rich enough to provide health care to all vets, but he could at least improve life for this one, while leaning on VA. I guess I am cynical, but I wonder how much of this kind of thing is empathy, and how much is opportunity.