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Donald Trump Just Got HUGE News From This State!

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Remember, this is due to Donald Trump, not John Kasich or Ted Cruz. Over 200,000 people have switched parties in Pennsylvania before the April 26 primary. Most of the voters are joining the Republican camp and their reason; they support Trump. Cruz and Kasich have never been able to gather that much willingness or enthusiasm to change parties during an important election year.

Trump has galvanized the American population like no other. More people are flocking to the polls with the idea that it’s time to elect someone that isn’t a DC politician. Trump fits that mold and the GOP candidates along with both establishments, or shall I say “THE” establishment, which encompasses both parties, are spending millions upon millions of dollars to stop him. By the way, that’s never been done before on this huge scale.


From  McCall:

Voters are switching their party affiliation in Pennsylvania at a rate not seen in years, if ever, as their chance to cast ballots in a competitive presidential primary election approaches.

The latest statistics this week from Pennsylvania’s elections bureau show more than 214,000 registered voters have switched this year. That amounts to 3 percent of the state’s 8.2 million registered voters. Carbon County is among the state’s hot spots.

This is the first year voter registration in the state can be done online, making it easier than getting the paperwork, filling it out and submitting it. Many of those switching parties reported wanting to vote in Pennsylvania’s April 26 primary, and the switching accelerated in the weeks before Monday’s deadline for Pennsylvanians to register to vote in the election or change their voter registration.

Among those making a switch, about half became Republicans, according to state statistics as of Monday. One-third became Democrats and the rest — about one-eighth — joined a minor party or registered as unaffiliated…

…While some of the Republican gains might have to do with Democratic Party voters feeling abandoned by their party, most of it probably relates to Donald Trump’s candidacy, said Bill Heydt, chairman of the Lehigh County Republican Party.

“I think it is more love than hate going on,” Heydt said. “You know, Trump asks questions people want to hear, and nobody has been asking them or answering them either. I think it has opened a whole new window for people who are tired of the status quo.”

I am happy to be part of a movement that seeks to put in place a team not forged by strings of slapping each other’s back and sitting in smokey rooms deciding what’s best for our country. This is it, and it’s up to you to jump on the train to help fix things or sit on the sidelines watching the movement take shape.

What do you think about this huge move of voters from one party to another? Will this shape the general election or will it flame out? Share your comments (below) and add this to your social media page.

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