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Donald Trump Just Received A BOMBSHELL Endorsement! (BREAKING)


With just days before the all-important Indiana primary, Boston Red Sox legend Curt Schilling just gave his seal of approval to none other than Donald J. Trump!

In an interview with Breitbart, Schilling said “Of the four people left, the only person I can honestly see sitting in the White House is Donald Trump as a leader.  The caveat to that is, I need him to start acting like a leader.”

More from the interview:

As for his supporting Trump, Schilling elaborated, “Listen, I get it. You’re going to make America great again. I believe it. I’ve known [Trump] for quite a while.”

When asked if he thought Trump was currently the leader or the clown in the clubhouse, Schilling said, “I think he’s both,” adding, “I don’t need you to talk trash about … and say, he’s stupid, or they’re stupid and they’re a liar. I get it. And you’re getting advice to do the things that you need to get advice to do, but I don’t want to hear, ‘We’re going to make America great, again.’ I want to hear how you’re going to do it.”

Schilling continued, “I know you can’t give me line item details specifically to a budget for this or I know we’re going to clean government waste. What does that mean? Does that mean you’re going to gut some of the most useless, ridiculous expenses we have? What does it mean for national defense? I believe, having known him, that what he means to say or what he is going to say is, ‘Listen, I’m not going to do this myself. Nobody does this themselves.’”

Schilling said he got to know Trump over a few years and “he’s genuine.”

While taking issue with some of Trump’s comments, Schilling said, “I trust two things: He loves this country, and he will defend this country.”

Do you think Schilling’s endorsement of Trump will help him secure Indiana next Tuesday? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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