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Donald Trump Just Received DEVASTATING NEWS From This State!


With Donald Trump all but certain to be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, his campaign has now turned to a likely General Election match-up with Democrat Hillary Clinton.

While Trump still has some work to do to when over disaffected Republican voters, new polling out of the traditionally solid Republican state of Georgia should have the GOP frontrunner very worried.

According to a new Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll, Trump leads Clinton by a mere 4 points, 45-41%.

From Politico:

The sentiments expressed by independents further contribute to the statistical tie between the two presumptive nominees. Independents in Georgia were evenly split between the two candidates, with 13 percent saying they were undecided or don’t support either candidate.

Mirroring several recent polls, Bernie Sanders polled higher than Clinton in a general election meeting with Trump. Sanders — now a long shot to become the Democratic nominee — bests Trump 47 percent to 42 percent in a hypothetical contest. Sanders also had the highest favorability rating (47 percent), compared with 40 percent for Trump and 31 for Clinton.

The last Democrat to carry Georgia was Bill Clinton in 1992, when he beat incumbent George H.W. Bush by less than 15,000 votes; in 1996, Clinton lost the state by about 27,000 votes. Barack Obama never came within 200,000 votes either time.

Given that Georgia is traditionally a reliably Republican state in presidential elections, should these latest numbers be of concern for the GOP frontrunner? What must Trump do to ensure that states like Georgia don’t slip away in the fall? Share your thoughts with us below! 

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  1. As the saying goes, “Polls lie and liars poll”.

  2. SickofPoliticks says:

    Trump will do just fine. Georgians are not fools. They know Killary is as corrupt and underhanded as they come. Trump’s not perfect, but he loves this nation and does want it to be great again.

  3. Jerry says:

    Trump should appoint Newt as VP (Newt is from Georgia), Have agreement with Newt that he will only run one term, then run a younger VP the second term.

  4. Robert says:

    This is not a blow for Trump. Polls are not votes. Polls are taken to only a select few and not the entire population. The get excited for nothing B.S.