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Breaking: Donald Trump Just Received The BEST NEWS EVER!

It’s about time Ohio Governor John Kasich bids the campaign trail adieu. He’s been riding the path of no direction for months now.

Kasich won his home state of Ohio a couple of months ago and thought he would take his fight to the convention floor. To him, the idea of a contested convention was “fun.” Not many Americans wanted that, and they let him know by not supporting him nationwide in any of the races. Kasich was never really in the race and to be honest, during the debates, it didn’t seem as if he was viable and at times, it looked as if people were walking over him.

Sen. Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race last night after he got destroyed in Indiana when he was matched one-on-one with the GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

The people have spoken and will continue to speak. We have had decades of inept government. Any politician who prides himself on maintaining the status quo should be outed. The people are DEMANDING change! This election will not be about Republican vs Democrat or male vs. female it is about who best understands the needs of the American voters.

No more political lip service, we have had eight years of that from Obama. This election will be about who can get things accomplished for the betterment of Americans.

From The Hill:

John Kasich is suspending his bid for the White House, The Hill has confirmed.

The Ohio governor will make the announcement about his campaign at 5 p.m. on Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio, his campaign said. Kasich abruptly canceled a news conference planned for Wednesday morning outside Washington, D.C.

This follows Kasich’s third-place finish in Indiana, where GOP front-runner Donald Trump dominated with a landslide victory.

Kasich agreed to cease campaigning in the Hoosier State to clear a path for Sen.Ted Cruz (R-Texas), in an effort to stop Trump from getting the needed delegates to secure the nomination.

But Cruz suspended his presidential campaign Tuesday night after a devastating loss to Trump. Cruz and Kasich had already been mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination on the first ballot.

During his victory speech in Manhattan, Trump — now the presumptive GOP nominee — declared that Republicans will win in November and called on the party to coalesce around him and unite.

Kasich trailed Trump by almost 900 delegates. But he previously vowed to stay in the race in the hopes he could emerge as the party’s nominee in a contested GOP convention this July.

The Ohio governor often trumpeted general election polls where he was the only GOP candidate to defeat Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in the fall.

Guess the Romney, Cruz and Kasich brainstorm about how to derail Donald Trump didn’t work out! Now the only barrier is making sure the habitual criminal, Hillary, doesn’t make it into the oval office. We can’t let Hillary become president for the sole reason of giving her a way to cover up the dirty tricks she has left.

Kasich stayed in for one reason and one reason only. He wanted to cause chaos in the party and make it difficult for Trump to succeed. BYE BYE KASICH!

Do you agree with with the people who have chosen Trump? Do you think it was for the best that Kasich didn’t take the fight to the convention floor? Let us know your opinion below in the comment section. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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