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Trump Just Gave McConnell A Response He Wasn’t Looking For!

Donald Trump

On Tuesday, through my social media travels, I called Senator Mitch McConnell a “sissy” after I wrote this article for Headline Politics where McConnell couldn’t stand up for the GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Trump responded to McConnell’s non-help status with this tweet, we ask you, should he have had to?

Hillary can not admit she screwed up in Benghazi and lied about it which is a non-starter for almost half the country alone. America doesn’t want a liar. Hillary should at least be put in jail for lying under oath as that’s where she belongs behind bars!

On Tuesday after the Benghazi report was finalized, she said it’s about time we all moved on. I can think of four specific Americans who don’t have the option to “move on!” Everyone knows why she wants everyone to “move on” but, I will ALWAYS REMEMBER!

From Newsmax:

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump took issue with Sen. Mitch McConnell on Wednesday after his own party’s majority leader in the upper chamber called Democrat Hillary Clinton “capable” of being president.

In the interview with New York’s NY1, McConnell also suggested Trump needs to make changes from his GOP primary rhetoric now that the campaign has pivoted to the general election.

“That worked fine for you in the primaries,” McConnell said he has told Trump. “But now that you are in the general, people are looking for a level of seriousness that is typically conveyed by having a prepared text and teleprompter and staying on message.”

When asked about Clinton, McConnell described her as “intelligent and capable.”

Though Trump did not mention McConnell specifically, he did appear to take issue with him on Twitter, referencing the House GOP majority report on the Benghazi attacks, released on Tuesday.

McConnell should be singing from the hilltops on how Clinton should be in jail, but the government won’t do the job they are paid to do, and so far Trump has proved everything he said was going to happen has happened.

I don’t know why anyone still defends her. She and Bill started their crime spree in Arkansas a long time ago. Declassifying documents after the crime doesn’t make it go away, just harder to find but when someone does. She is a total failure and power hungry.

McConnell, Paul Ryan and the rest of the sissies in the Congress better get used to the silent majority taking off their muzzles and yelling at them, forcing them to act like men or move aside. Either take a hint, or you will find out why the American people have more control over what they do.

Do you think Trump nailed it when he shot back at McConnell? Leave your comments below and add this to your Twitter and Facebook timeline.