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BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Received The BEST NEWS Of His Campaign!

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Last week, Donald J. Trump officially became the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, and the conservative businessman received a MASSIVE post-convention bump that will have Hillary and the entire Democratic Party furious!

A new CNN/ORC poll gives Trump a 3 point lead over Clinton, 48%-45%, which is a stark contrast to Mrs. Clinton’s 49%-42% lead over Trump just last week.

From Politico:

In a four-way matchup with Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Trump’s advantage actually increases to 5 points—44 percent to 39 percent, while Johnson earned 9 percent and Stein 3 percent. The previous four-way survey found Clinton with a five-point lead over Trump, 42 percent to 37 percent, while Johnson had 13 percent and Stein 5 percent.

Trump gained significantly with independent voters. Before the convention, 34 percent said they supported Clinton, while 31 percent backed Trump. But in the survey, which entered the field on Friday, 46 percent said they back Trump, 28 percent for Clinton, 15 percent for Johnson and 4 percent for Stein.

Trump also leads Clinton by 39 points among whites without college degrees, 62 percent to 23 percent, while Clinton now leads among whites holding at least a bachelor’s degree, 44 percent to 39 percent, compared with a 40 percent to 40 percent split in the previous survey.

In terms of favorability, Trump rose seven points, from 39 percent to 46 percent and he now enjoys a double-digit lead over Clinton on issues related to the economy and terrorism. As far being trustworthy, 43 percent said they would apply that label to the Manhattan businessman, up 5 points from before the convention, while 30 percent said the same of the former secretary of state. Elsewhere, 52 percent said Trump is running for president for the good of the country rather than for personal gain, while 44 percent said the same of Clinton.

This new poll shows that not only is Donald Trump’s pro-America message resonating with the American people but that Hillary Clinton continues to show that she is an extremely unpopular politician.

Do you think Trump will increase his lead over Clinton after this week’s DNC convention? Share your thoughts with us below!

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