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As Polls Open In 5 States, Donald Trump Received AMAZING NEWS!


Donald Trump is expected to have a very good night in today’s 5 Republican primaries, with likely wins in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

But, as voters in these 5 states head to the polls, Trump received some amazing news in the form of new national polling, where he has earned the support of 50% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters nationwide, based on a new NBC News/SurveyMonkey tacking poll.

From Politico:

Trump earned 50 percent, an increase of four points from the previous week, while Cruz took 26 percent and Kasich grabbed 17 percent, both losing two points over the last seven days. Another 7 percent said they do not know who they would choose.

The latest results signify the first time Trump has cracked the 50-percent mark in the survey, though he has been steadily increasing over the first few months of 2016.

The Republican front-runner’s support jumped by six percentage points among those identifying solidly as Republicans, up to 49 percent from 43 percent the previous week. Republican support for both Cruz and Kasich has decreased over the last few weeks of surveys.

On the Democratic side of the race, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by 10 points — 52 percent to 42 percent, with 6 percent saying they do not know whom they would support.

In hypothetical general election contests, Clinton leads Trump by eight points (44 percent to 36 percent) and Cruz by 10 points (43 percent to 33 percent).

The poll was conducted online from April 18-24, surveying 10,707 adults, of which 9,405 who said they are registered to vote. The overall margin of error is 1.4 percentage points, while among the 2,633 registered Republican voters surveyed, the margin of error is plus or minus 2.3 percentage points.

With Ted Cruz and John Kasich actively working together to deny Trump the nomination, this latest poll should only solidify Trump’s standing as the likely Republican nominee.

What are your thoughts on this latest poll? Does Trump have the nomination in the bag? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Marty says:

    Americans are fed up with politicians. They work FOR us, and we are letting them know how we feel. Donald Trump may not be a choirboy, but he is the best thing running. Anyone is better than what’s on the table. I wouldn’t vote at all, but that would only help Hillary and I would rather be dead than live in a country run by her.

  2. Dora says:

    Donald Trump is the only one who will change America back to the one we all knew and loved. Nothing will change for the better under the other four people running and will only go down hill with a bang under clinton, sanders, cruz or kasich.

  3. montanagirl100 says:

    Donald Trump is the best man for running our country! He gets the job done in everything he undertakes. He is resourceful, brave, strong, determined and he has a lot of experience on many fronts. He doesn’t need to act Presidential to get American’s votes. We love him just the way he is. His wife Malania should not try to change him or give him advice in any way. Let the Donald be himself. America will love Malania more when she pulls with Donald in every aspect!