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BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Received SHOCKING NEWS! Hillary Is…

Donald Trump

Let’s just say it and say it loudly, if Donald Trump loses, we will forever blame the #NeverTrump movement and all the phony Conservatives or Libertarians who can’t put their egos or selfish interests aside to support the country.

I never believed Sen. Harry Reid until now. He’s always said the Koch brothers play both sides of the field, and they are what’s wrong with America. Well, I  believe they are part of the problem now and have for some time.  They have gotten rich with their globalism off of Americans’ backs.  Corporations should have no voice in an election, and their money shouldn’t enter into any election race.

I understand freedom of speech by giving money but what these two have been doing and more like them have destroyed this country.

From WMTW:

The Koch network is sitting out of the presidential campaign entirely, a blow to Trump’s presidential ambitions. Trump claimed in a tweet Saturday that he declined a meeting request from Charles and David Koch this weekend, though Koch officials say that they were not aware of any contact with him on Friday when both the Kochs and Trump coincidentally were in Colorado Springs at the same time.

“Our perspective is the same: We’re focused on the Senate,” Mark Holden, a top Koch network official, told reporters. “We have no intention to go after Donald Trump.”

The Kochs are effectively indifferent between Trump and Clinton, though several Trump allies within the network have encouraged the billionaire donors to at least meet with the billionaire candidate. Donors who contribute at least $100,000 to the network are invited to hear from Charles Koch and Republican leaders both about the Kochs’ political work along with their philanthropic and policy-focused spending.

Some Koch donors, upset by the leadership’s unwillingness to back the Republican nominee, have called for the Freedom Partners retreat to feature a poll to decide whether to marshal their resources toward his White House bid. But Holden said unequivocally that a decisive survey of that kind would not happen.

Now you can see what has been going on in politics. It has all been a big game of charades. No difference between most of the GOP or the Democrats that promote globalism.

After Trump’s elected, I want all you Obama voters, Hillary supporters, and Cruz kool-aid drinkers to pack your bags and get the heck out of America. Take an 8-year vacation, enjoy life. Find the meaning of life or discover a foreign culture up close and personal. I am sure those silly people with their wonderfully unusual traditions will welcome you with open arms.

I’m sure your passports and citizenship will not be suspended and cancelled while you’re gone.

Just return after Trump’s time is done.What could be simpler?  So go for it, have fun, and don’t worry about a thing.

Do you care if the Coke brothers support Donald Trump doing the 2016 election? Do you think the Coke brothers are secretly supporting Hillary Clinton? Share your voices below in the comment section.

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  1. Mandm says:

    The Koch Boys and Brothers have always been backers of the DNC, and the same thing with Soros, check it out, Money talks, and Donald is in need of our backing and support. It is very plain that if the people don’t do something, the Republicans will lose this election. Don’t let people tell you that Donlad doesn’t need our help because he does. I will support Donald all the way, My vote is not for Hillary or the DNC.

  2. montanagirl100 says:

    Obama, a sitting President misusing his powers to Character Asassinate Donald Trump is horrible! Obama pushing hard and holding Hillary’s hand all the way to the White House is horrible also. Trump was chosen by the people. He is a nominee for President of the USA because he is a Beacon of Light for America and for many other positive reasons the Liberal News Media will not air! Instead, they pile on the negatives about Trump. Why?? Hillary?? Obama??

  3. Bradley says:

    Killary Has Been Bought so Much That She Put Prostitutes to Shame and The Koch Brothers Have Got Her in Their Pocket

  4. George says:

    i think elections should be decided by the people, by their votes, not by the money from donors and from foreign governments. trump beat out 16 other candidates by the peoples vote. clinton had all the superdelegates and even cheated out bernie sanders by her underhanded politics, she has accomplished nothing but skirting the law.

  5. artie says:

    The anti – Trump people will become ashes in God’s light remaining the way they are.

  6. Gary says:

    The Koch bros. like Buffet go where they will make the most money

  7. Meches says:

    Maybe he will lose because he is not a good candidate