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Donald Trump Released Lindsey Graham’s Number to the Public… But Did Anyone Expect This Outcome?


After Donald Trump doxxed Lindsey Graham by giving out Graham’s phone number at a public and televised event, the South Carolina Senator reacted in a way most didn’t expect.

First he took to social media and had a sense of humor about it.

Then Graham made an instructional video with IJ Review about techniques for destroying your cell phone.

It appears that Donald Trump did Lindsey Graham a bit of a favor when he betrayed Graham’s trust and released his personal phone number to the public. Graham has been able to showcase his personal side from this situation. Before this, many Republican primary voters’ definition of Graham had been of John McCain’s sidekick. This has given Graham the ability to walk out of that shadow a bit.

There is one puzzling piece to this puzzle. Rather than having a South Carolina phone number, Graham had a Washington, DC number.

Do you think Graham’s phone number is reflective of his residency?  Please comment below.

H/T: IJ Review