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Trump Just Scored The BIGGEST VICTORY Against The GOP Establishment!

donald trump rnc convention

Don’t be a delegate if you’re not going to follow the rules.

The “Delegates” of the party are nothing more than political want a be’s. They raised some money or land a delegate spot through a political favor or a deal. They don’t represent the voters; they represent whoever secures their vote.

The voter is involved through a privilege given by the party chapter in each state. In the end, our vote means nothing in a primary; it only serves as an opinion poll for the ruling elites. Some states don’t even allow their voters to vote in a primary such as Colorado.

I am glad the Republican National Committee is taking control of this issue and this should just about wrap things up.

From Newsmax:

Republican National Committee leaders held a closed meeting in Cleveland on Tuesday where they reviewed the main legal argument to stop the Never Trump movement, CNBC reports.

RNC General Counsel John Ryder, who is also a Trump delegate from Tennessee, presented the main points to the committee, giving his legal opinion on why delegates to the Republican National Convention are bound to the winner of their state’s primary or caucus on the first ballot. RNC members told CNBC that the room burst into applause after the presentation.

Nevada Chairwoman Diana Orrock, a member of the RNC convention rules committee, told CNBC that no one will overturn the requirement that keeps delegates bound to whichever candidate they had vowed to vote for when chosen as a delegate. Unbound delegates won’t be affected.

“These are the rules and they have always been the rules and they should be applied,” Orrock said.

Rules committee member Curly Haugland sponsored a number of non-members to the session, including Trump foe and former New Hampshire Sen. Gordon Humphrey. According to WMUR.com, Humphrey wrote a letter to 112 members of the RNC rules committee on Tuesday, urging them to let delegates “exercise their independent judgement in all matters.”

The rules committee meets at the beginning of the convention. They can do anything they want.

The head of the party needs to approve the rules. Paul Ryan said nothing is changing. Every state agreed to their rules; that’s how everyone ran, that’s what we’re going to honor, and that’s what he is going to enforce as the highest ranking member of the party.

Do you think the Never Trump movement finally got the message? Do you think they are going to back off now or will they keep coming? Share your voices below in the comment section. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.