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Exclusive! Donald Trump Tells Us The PERFECT Solution After Orlando Shooting!

Orlando shooting

Today, the presumptive GOP Nominee Donald Trump joined the Wayne Dupree Show to talk about issues that affect all Americans. Trump has been on the Wayne Dupree Show numerous times in the past and agreeing to join the show hours before he speaks to the nation says a lot about him as a person.

We had to tailor our interview as we had questions about Hillary Clinton and what he would say to the American people but after the tragedy had stricken in Orlando, FL on Sunday morning, we had pressing questions for him and what he would do when elected to reassure voters ISIS would be handled.

My co-host Kambree Nelson and Cole McNeely had great questions during this interview, and we want you the listener to hear what a real conversation sounds like, one without a lot of gotcha questions. I hope you like.

Here are how some Twitter users felt about the show:

Now listen to the full interview:

Here’s an updated report on how Trump is bring his temporary Muslim ban back to the forefront. The media won’t be happy, the administration won’t be happy, the #NeverTrump crowd won’t be happy but millions of voters feel passionately about this and will side with Trump on this issue.

What did you think of Trump’s interview? Do you feel he has the pulse of the American people on how he feels about the terrorism problem? Share your opinions below and add your voice to our comment section. Don’t forget to share this on your Facebook  and Twitter page.