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Donald Trump Releases EPIC VIDEO Blasting Hillary! Must Watch!!


The presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is sparing no expense going after Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during this primary season. Hillary hasn’t won her nomination yet but she’s starting to focus more and more on Trump. Most of the pundits still left giving honest breakdown of the clash views this epic throwdown as the battle of the century. Republicans in the past have given the field to Democrats by not wanting to engage and trying to show they were better than their counterparts which in my eyes showed weakness.

Trump is not that candidate.

Trump is hitting Hillary on her main campaign message of being a champion for women. Hillary didn’t care about the women her husband, the former President of the United States either gave sexual advancements to women working around him or had the label of “rape” added to his name by other women. Hillary covered it up and became part of the problem and Trump is going after her on that.

How best to shut down the beast if you don’t punch it in the mouth?


From The Hill:

Donald Trump released a new video on Monday that uses audio of women who have accused President Clinton of sexual assault to attack Hillary Clinton.

The new black-and-white video plays audio of two women — Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick — who have made accusations against Bill Clinton. It plays the audio against a black-and-white backdrop of the White House and an image of Bill Clinton with a cigar in his mouth.

It then pivots to audio of Hillary Clinton laughing.

The ad is just the latest example in which Trump has sought to use allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton to attack Hillary Clinton.

A Trump senior adviser said last week Trump’s attacks would escalate after Trump accused Bill Clinton of rape.

Hillary Clinton has declined to respond to the attacks, instead focusing on Trump’s issue-oriented remarks and slamming him as a “loose cannon” on foreign policy.

Willey, who accused Clinton of sexaul assault in 1993, can be heard from a 2007 interview with Sean Hannity saying, “No woman should be subjected to it. It was an assault.”

The audio then shifts to Broaddrick, an Arkansas woman who accussed Clinton of raping her in a hotel room when he was Arkansas’s attorney general.

The audio of Clinton appears against a backdrop of the couple with the headline “here we go again?”

Let’s be honest. Hillary is not about protecting our police officers, she’s not protecting women; if she’s not protecting the 2nd Amendment, she’s not protecting women; if she’s not protecting our borders, she’s not protecting women; if she’s not protecting our military in foreign countries and then lying about it, she’s not protecting women; and if she doesn’t sympathize and defend those women mauled by Bill, she’s not protecting women. The list goes on and on and the proof is in the pudding.

What do you think of Trump’s new video and how he’s going after Hillary Clinton? Is it too much? Do you agree with his tactics? Share your opinions below and share this story on your Facebook and Twitter timeline.

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Comments on “Donald Trump Releases EPIC VIDEO Blasting Hillary! Must Watch!!”

  1. Marilyn says:

    I wonder. How does Hillary handle her husband, our past president, being referred to as Clinton the Fornicator along with the many jokes about his turning a young female intern into an Oval office humidor. Strange we don’t hear much about the children Bill has fathered before and during his marriage though I am glad we don’t, for the children’s sake.